Fairmount Builders

Fairmount Square

Meticulously designed and strategically located, Fairmount Square at Kompally has become the first choice for growing enterprises and well-known establishments. Spanning a sprawling 3920.07 square yards, Fairmount Square has emerged as a beacon of modernity, offering an unparalleled platform for entrepreneurs, businesses, and retailers.

Limitless Potential Awaits: Exploring Fairmount Square's Canvas

Fairmount Square is more than a space; it’s a canvas awaiting your creative strokes. With a total commercial area of 98087.96 square feet, this project presents an extensive range of possibilities. From modest dimensions of 1150 square feet to expansive dimensions of 38586 square feet, every sqaure size accommodates the aspirations of those seeking either leasing or purchasing options.

Retail Elegance Redefined: Experience Fairmount Square's Aura

Fairmount Square’s retail spaces boast a grandeur of 12 feet ceiling height. Imagine boutiques, galleries, and showrooms flourishing in an ambiance that combines sophistication and aesthetics, inviting customers to experience shopping in an entirely new light.

Empowering Commerce: Fairmount Square's Convenient Amenities

Efficiency is at the core of Fairmount Square’s design philosophy. With two high-speed elevators, movement within the establishment is seamless and swift. Furthermore, a dedicated service lift streamlines maintenance activities, ensuring a smoothly functioning environment. Tenants and visitors alike experience a level of convenience that matches the aspirations of modern commerce.

Uninterrupted Success: Powering Ahead with Fairmount Square

Success thrives in spaces that support growth. Fairmount Square ensures your business operates without interruption with 100% power backup. The 10 feet ceiling height in office spaces fosters an atmosphere of openness, fostering collaboration and innovation among professionals.

Fairmount Square's Parking Convenience in Urban Living

Navigating urban spaces should never be a concern. Fairmount Square addresses this by offering two levels of cellar parking, ensuring ample space for both tenants and visitors. Your journey towards success begins the moment you step into the premises.

Reshaping Tomorrow: Fairmount Square's Evolution in 2023

Fairmount Square’s vision extends beyond the present, with an anticipated completion in 2023. As the project edges closer to reality, it is poised to redefine Kompally’s commercial landscape. Modern aesthetics, advanced facilities, and an unwavering commitment to seamless functionality are the cornerstones of this transformation.

Design for Progress: Fairmount Square's Modern Aspirations

Fairmount Square has indubitably emerged as a fusion of modern aspirations and practical design. It’s an impossible to refuse invitation to businesses, retail ventures, and professionals to redefine their narratives in an environment that resonates with progress. Step into Fairmount Square – where every square foot is a testimony to innovation, success, and the future.