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Fairmount Midtown

Fairmount Midtown: Pioneering Business Transformation in Kompally, Hyderabad

In the vibrant heart of Hyderabad, amid the dynamic tapestry of urban life, stands Fairmount Midtown, a commercial complex that transcends mere physicality – it represents a reimagining of business dynamics for the city’s residents. Embracing innovation, community and progressive ideals, Fairmount Midtown is dedicated to reshaping the operational landscape for businesses in Hyderabad.

Committed to fostering innovation, Fairmount Midtown provides a platform for startups, entrepreneurs and established businesses to incubate, experiment and thrive. Offering cutting-edge facilities, adaptable office spaces and a technology-centric environment, Fairmount Midtown is set to become a hub for groundbreaking ideas that will shape various industries’ future.

Nestled among residences, colleges and a growing number of businesses, Fairmount Midtown is more than a premium commercial complex; it’s a visionary platform that redefines Hyderabad’s business landscape. By merging innovation, community and well-being, it’s ushering in a new era of commerce, where Hyderabad’s residents can explore, connect and flourish. Fairmount Midtown is the ideal destination for businesses to prosper, catering to the city’s entrepreneurs and professionals’ aspirations with a space that reflects their ambitions and values, ultimately transforming the business landscape for the better.


  • Reinforced Concrete (R.C.C) Framed Structure designed to resist seismic loads and wind forces.
  • Lightweight brick masonry laid in cement mortar.


Internal walls feature a smooth, 12mm thick cement plaster finish.
External walls are coated with an 18mm thick double coat of sand-faced cement plaster.


Toilets feature laminated doors with standard hardware. Fire doors are made of fire-rated steel (as per regulations).
Service shaft doors are made of 1.2mm galvanized sheet and are fire-rated for one hour.
Shutters for retail units are motorized perforated with 12mm toughened spider glazing.
Internal doors for commercial spaces are made of Indian BT or African Teak wood frame with designer flush shutters.
Windows have single glazing with specially designed extruded aluminum sections or UPVC. External painting includes texture paint with synthetic plaster chemicals.
Glazing is as per design specifications.
Service areas are painted with two coats of Acrylic OBD over one coat of primer.


Main entrance lobby features Granite or Italian marble slabs. Upper and lower floors' entrance lobbies are also adorned with granite slabs.
Toilets are equipped with separate urinal and toilet blocks for men and women, featuring high-quality sanitary and CP fittings, non-skid tile flooring, granite counters, and partition walls. Staircases are floored with granite for the main stairs and Kota stones for the fire stairs.
The parking area and drive are both floored with VDF.
Lift walls are embellished with granite or Italian marble slabs.


Plumbing fixtures include white Kohler or Hindware sanitary ware with branded CP fittings. Pumps are installed according to the design specifications.


  • Electrical power for each unit will be provided according to its load requirements, with separate distribution boards.
  • Common areas such as corridors, parking lots, and lobbies will be illuminated as per standard lighting requirements.
  • A substation with the necessary transformer capacity and sandwich bus duct will be installed for each unit.
  • 100% DG backup will be available.
  • The power system will be equipped with an earthing grid meeting standard earth resistance requirements, along with a special earthing grid for computers, with earth strips extended to each unit.
  • The building will be equipped with lightning protection systems in accordance with standards.


  • Floor ducts are present in every unit to lay communication network cables, with shafts exclusively for communication cables.
  • A Building Management System (BMS) oversees all services.
  • A sprinkler system is installed in all common areas, terminating into office spaces.
  • An Addressable Fire Alarm System with detectors is installed as per the NBC (National Building Code).
  • Fire hazard recommendations are activated whenever fire detectors are triggered.


  • Eight passenger lifts are provided, manufactured by Mitsubishi or an equivalent brand, in accordance with the architect's design.
  • Four goods lifts, also from Mitsubishi or an equivalent brand, are installed as per the architect's design.


  • Landscaping will be provided according to the design.